About Farah Academy

Our Story

S@ifur's, the pioneer institute for effectively learning English, started its journey in 2002
- with an aim to enable the mass people to achieve their dreams. From the beginning of our
journey, we helped our students to realize their potential, and we provided them with the
best resources to gain their competitive edge. Now, from IELTS, Spoken, Writing, Kid's
English all the way up to BCS preparation, S@ifur's is synonymous with every kind of test
preparation. To answer the needs of our growing student base, we have reached every major
city, and district in Bangladesh, and our numerous franchise branches also dot the map of
Dhaka city and the whole country. To safeguard our trusted brand, we are committed to
providing the best services, information, prep books, and other resources to inspire
individuals, determined to take the next steps in their life.

Our Values

We believe in providing people a path to learn English in the most simplified form - to
develop our citizens and foster prosperity. With our values of Trustworthiness, Passion, and
Responsibility, we educate children, job seekers, and professionals with the same level of
sincerity. Our books enrich kids with the knowledge of language, morality, and
responsibility; school students with language and English solutions; graduates with the
finest job solutions. We offer offline and online courses on IELTS to help students get
their aspired higher study & job opportunities, spoken and writing courses to build their
self-worth and communication skills. 

Our Methodology

For our students to achieve the highest success in an effortless manner we implement the
Zenon method, where we make sure that our students learn – we help our students learn
English in the most natural form, with the help of their own mother tongue, and we guide
them in their journey of learning to write with coherence, speak with fluency, and pronounce
each English word with confidence.

Our Goal

With our unwavering commitment, and two-decade-long leadership experience, we intend to
continue serving the Bangladeshi people in reaching their desired English and Career